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Ramsey, MN  55303
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Rebuilt Tooling

Why send a damaged tool to Chips Tool Repair? TO SAVE MONEY!


99% of all damaged indexable tools are repairable. Chips Tool Repair can rebuild your tooling at a savings of 60 to 90% compared to buying new.


Our Process

Chips Tool Repair takes great pride in offering same-day quotes for all indexable tooling repairs Ship your damaged tools to Chips today!


We accept:

-          Any brand

-          Any size

-          Any style


Following customer approval, standard delivery is within four weeks – or sooner upon request. All tools rebuilt at Chips Tool Repair come with a 100% guarantee to function as good as new.


Our Versatility                       

Chips Tool Repair can rebuild for you: Indexable Tools, Live Tools, Solid Style Tools and much more!


We repair (but are not limited to):

-          Tap drivers

-          Tap chucks

-          Floating holders

-          Milling cutters

-          Indexable drills

-          Boring bars/boring heads

-          Carbide shank bars

-          Ball nose end mills

-          Helical end mills

-          Special shank or modular tooling

-          One or multiple pockets

-          Insert cartridges


We look forward to your business! Ship your damaged tools to Chips today.


Please note that live tooling, tap drivers and centers may require 1-2 days to provide a quote due to the time it takes to dismantle the tool and price materials.